On Site Cuts

Can’t fit your products into your truck or Volkswagen Beetle? We offer transportation cuts for your hardwood, sheet goods or mouldings.

Loading Up

Need help loading up your vehicle? We’ve got your back! Our many employees will be happy to assist you.


We just opened our brand new mill in Temescal Valley/S. Corona. We’d be happy to facilitate your custom lumber or mouldings needs. 


Our team is well versed in the field of woodworking. Among our employees we’ve got 700+ years of experience. Pictured L-R is 1st and 2nd generation family members Gil, E.G., and Don Reel.


With three service trucks we’ve got you covered. We deliver throughout the greater SoCal community.

Custom Orders

Didn’t see the product you need on our web site? Let us know! There is a great chance that we’ll be able to source the material or point you in the right direction.