Need mouldings? We’ve got you covered! We stock Hardwood Mouldings, MDF, and Finger Joint. We stock ample amounts of base, crown, chair rail and many other profiles. 


Maple, Purple Heart, Walnut, Padouk, Poplar, Cherry, Red Oak, Mahogany, White Oak and dozens of other Hardwood & Softwood and Exotic lumber species can be found at Reel Lumber Service. Stop by and visit, will yah?

Sheet Goods

Let’s get right down to the core of things! We stock 18 species of hardwood sheet goods and 14 types of composite panels and melamine panels. When accounting for various thicknesses and other attributes we have over 130 different panels available for purchase.


We’ve got slabs! Flattened & sanded Walnut live edge slabs are now avail for purchase at Reel Lumber Service.


We keep a wide assortment of both 2X8 and 4X8 veneers in stock. The 2X8 veneers come in both paper back and pressure sensitive adhesive. 4X8 veneers are available in paperback only.


Wood finish, dye stain, Kreg tools, saw blades, glue, Blum Hardware and many other wood related accessories are just one click away.